Wednesday, February 21, 2018
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1.      Purpose: PDF's Board of Directors shall have the authority to form Chapters within specified geographic areas in North America, Europe, Asia, Middle East, Africa and Oceania to act as a local resource for PDF members and others who work or live within that geographic area. The geographical area of the chapter shall be that defined by PDF Board of Directors. Any member of PDF that resides within the geographical area of the chapter shall be a member of that chapter. Chapters may be established in overlapping geographic areas if there is a legitimate need and with the approval of the Board of Directors.


2.      Application: All applications for membership shall be submitted to the Chapter membership coordinator on the form provided by PDF. The Chapter shall submit with the applications 50% of chapter dues and the names of chapter members and officers. Each chapter shall have a minimum of fifteen members. Chapters shall submit to PDF chapter committee quarterly chapter member list and activity report. PDF shall issue a certificate of membership to each recognized chapter. The application must include:

a)         The name of the Chapter and its geographic location

b)         The name and address of the Chapter organizer

c)         The name and contact information of the Directors

d)         50% of chapter dues and the names of chapter members

3.      Duties and Powers: Chapters must abide by the mission of PDF and its Bylaws. Chapters may be disbanded by a two-thirds majority vote of the PDF Board. PDF Chapters are not authorized to issue press releases or make other public statements on behalf of PDF. Any public statements issued by a PDF Chapter must be of a local nature and Conform to the vision and mission of PDF. All Chapters shall be guided in its procedures by the PDF bylaws when no other rules have been specifically established in the Chapter’s bylaws. PDF bylaws shall govern and prevail in all matters.


4.      Chapter Dues: The annual membership dues shall be paid on a quarterly basis.

5.      Incorporation and Registration: The incorporation, or the registration of each chapter are guided by the rules of each country, and each chapter has to comply and respect the rules of its respective country.


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