Wednesday, February 21, 2018
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PDF: Objectives

i) Harness Puntland Diaspora Resources.PDF: Objectives

ii) Build “Info”structure for Resource Sharing

iii) Strengthen Collectiveness and Influence

iv) Promote Puntland

v) Promote and Advance Democracy and Good Governance


PDF is organized to accomplish the following objectives:

1. Harness Puntland Diaspora Resources

o Leverage Puntland Diaspora economic, human, and technology resources for Puntland’s development.

2. Build “Info”structure for Resource Sharing

o Promote knowledge transfer and information sharing among all Puntlanders in the Diaspora, and the public and private sectors in Puntland

3. Strengthen Collectiveness and Influence

o Mobilize vast support, and promote cooperation and networking among Puntlanders in Diaspora

o Promote unity, understanding and communications between Puntland organizations, corporations, and individuals in the diaspora

o Promote civic awareness and advocacy in matters affecting, and issues vital to its constituency.

o Provide linkages, policy input, and guidance to the government of Puntland and local non-governmental and civic organizations.

4. Promote Puntland

o Enhance the image of Puntland to strengthen business, travel, and investment opportunities

o Promote, support and encourage global trade awareness and ethical consciousness that foster positive business climate between Puntland and other states and nations.

5. Promote and Advance Demcracy and Good Governance

Promote good governance and the advancement of democracy

Support the development of the relevant modern institutions for the development of Puntland.

Encourage the nascent and emerging civil society organization and provide them the requisite support for promoting freedom and democracy.

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